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I counted in the neighborhood of 65 birds in this single shot, how many can you spot? Captured just after sunrise in Corolla, North Carolina

Boardwalks leading to the beach: LEFT was taken after a storm shortly before sunset in Corolla NC. RIGHT depicts a classic sunrise in Kill Devil Hills, NC

A trio of wild horses spotted taking a mid-morning nap along the beaches of the Currituck OBX Preserve

Ultra-Wide angle perspective of the natural dunes and wild grasses leading to the beach in Corolla, NC

"Morning Glory" telephoto image of the morning sun cresting the horizon line with endless ocean views

Epic stormy sky at sunset captured with an ultra-wide 9mm Full Frame focal length in Corolla, North Carolina 

A minimalist composition showcasing the sun setting over a row of wild beach grasses in Corolla, North Carolina

Rising morning sun reflecting off of a sandbar with multiple birds in Corolla, North Carolina

Group of wild beach horses enjoying the ocean breeze in the Currituck OBX Preserve

Abstract ocean waves just before sunrise on the shores of Corolla, North Carolina.

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