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What stood out to me most about my visit to Puerto Rico was the vibrant colors that can be found here in the landscape - every shade of blue and green imaginable, bursting with life. I found myself on many occasions putting down my camera and just soaking in the scenery - in the images taken of this wonderful Island I've tried to express the culture, scenery and moments experienced here. 

Above Left - Nestled in the heartland of Puerto Rico lays a hidden gem, Cañón Blanco, with a swimmer enjoying its refreshing emerald green waters. 

Above Right - Scenic Juan Diego Falls in El Yunque Rainforest. Staying true to its name, this was taken shortly after a downpour in the early hours of the morning.

A sunny afternoon walking along Liquillo Beach - this place was packed with locals enjoying some summer fun, but we managed to find a quieter section to enjoy the views

A morning waking up in the tranquil mountains near Utuado at Casa Grande Mountain retreat. The amount of interesting vegetation and insects we saw here was astonishing!  

Twin sailboats basking in the early morning sun on the Island of Culebra

Interesting patterns and shapes in this piece of dried up Brain Coral in Reserva Marina Tres Palmas Near Rincon. One of my personal favorite locations from the entire trip, this beach was absolutely crawling with sea life from exotic fishes, crabs and coral of all species.         

More scenes from the Western Puerto Rico beach town of Rincon.

Turquoise waves crashing against rocks on the beautiful and secluded Playa Resaca , Culebra Island. This beach was quite hard to access, requiring a 45 minute hike through a mangrove forest but the reward at the end was well worth the effort.

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